Oceans Finance is a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it's unique Rebase protocol.
Oceans Finance gives the $OCEANS token automatic staking and compounding features include BUSD Reflection AT 7% Buy and 8% Sell, and a Fixed APY in the market at up to 383,125.80% for the first 12 months.
Oceans Finance team is a diverse group of high-skilled developers and good marketers. We have analyzed every successful product in the DeFi space to bring you a break through product on the market today!
  • Easy and Safe Staking - The easiest auto-staking in Defi. We provide Autos Staking right in your wallet, the $OCEANS token always stays in your wallet so it doesn’t need to be put in a centralized authority. All you need to do is buy, hold and automatically receive rewards in your wallet so there’s no more complicated staking processes at all.
  • Oceans Finance Dividend - 3%/4% of all buy/sell trading fees are stored in the Oceans Finance Dividend Fund (OFD), which helps to achieve a variety of outcomes, including most profitable, stability and long-term sustainability.
  • Fastest Auto-compounding protocol - The Oceans Finance Protocol pays every $OCEANS Token holder every 15 minutes and 96 times everyday, making it a great auto-compounding protocol in crypto.
  • Auto Token Burn - One of the most exciting features of the Oceans Finance Protocol is an automatic token burn system named “Blue Hole” which prevents circulating supply getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable. The Blue Hole burns 2% out of $OCEANS Token transactions.
  • High Fixed APY - $OCEANS pays out at up to 383,125.80% in the first 12 months, the highest you can get anywhere in the world. After the first 12 months the interest rate drops over a predefined Long-term Interest Cycle period.
  • BUSD Rewards - $OCEANS pays out 7% on every Buy Transaction and 8% on every sale transaction in $BUSD Rewards. The more $OCEANS Tokens you have the More $BUSD Rewards you will receive. It's like the gift that keeps on Giving. Rewards are Hourly and Depends On Volume.
Last modified 9mo ago