The Anti-Whale Mechanism

YieldLock is the first rebase token that was built to protect you from the Pump And Dumps that plague small-cap projects while still giving you a super-high daily compounding interest rate of 2.35% With YieldLock you have all the benefits of a rebase token without the risk of a crash
Just like an ATM machine has a max withdrawal limit each day, YieldLock also has a max cashout limit on all holders, to prevent unnecessary dumps.
Investors cannot dump the coin because they have a strict cashout limit of up to 1/5% per day.
This puts a stop to dumps because investors are unable to sell ALL their tokens overnight.
Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy.

The Safest Crypto Coin

Nobody can dump ALL their coins at the top because of the strict daily sales limit.
Because of the new DeFi Anti-Whale Lock Mechanism that automatically protects your investment when there’s too much sales pressure. In every other coin this would create a crash but with YieldLock the blockchain determines a sliding sales limit of 1-5% per day of total tokens that can be sold.
This means NO CRASH, a healthy chart, and stable price.
  • Unlike other coins, you will never see a dump with YieldLock, because of our ADM.
  • There is a 1-5% cash out limit per day of your total tokens.
  • The anti-whale mechanism works based on the current metrics of the chart to determine the daily withdrawal limit.
  • Our anti-dump Mechanism creates happy loyal investors.
  • Our ADM also allows Parabolic growth on our chart.
  • Ultimately this maximizes your return on investment.
  • You will achieve financial freedom, faster!