How Does Auto-Staking Work?

We set out to make staking as simple and easy as possible.
That's why when you purchase YieldLock, your tokens are immediately staked and begin earning rebase rewards which are sent directly to your wallet. These rewards are distributed every 30 minutes.
But unlike traditional staking, you don't have to commit to lock your coins for a specific period of time, nor is there a penalty if you want to sell a day later.
Using a Positive Rebase formula, YieldLock makes it possible for daily token distribution that's directly proportional to the daily rebase rewards, worth 2.35% of the total amount of tokens of $YieldLock held in your wallet. The rebase rewards are distributed on each epoch (rebase period) to all $YieldLock holders. This means that without moving your tokens from you wallet, YieldLock holders receive an annual compound interest of 425,208.3%.